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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Inspirational exhibitions: Tord Boontje

On Friday I spent the day blitzing as many exhibitions in London as I could fit in. Starting at Farringdon I went to see Tord Boontje's 'The Lace Maker' at Marsden Woo. I caught this exhibition on it's last day in London and it was certainly worth a look.

Boontje, explores traditional craft skills but with the use of unconventional natural materials for example straw and raffia. This in contrast to the usual fine yarns used has a huge effect on the visual impact and quality of the lace.

A hand knotted lace curtain made of raffia covers an entire wall as if it has grown over time in it's spontaneous and unsymmetrical shape. Clever use of raffia lighting designs in the exhibition cast beautiful shadows on the wall and floor. At the back a sofa made of handknotted ropes, looks like spiders webs stretching from the structure of a rectangular frame.

I recommend a fantastic book called 'Lace in Translation', containing images and essays related to site specific projects set by the University of Philadelphia in response to their Quaker Lace Company collection.

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