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Monday, 2 August 2010

Festival of Brazil, Hayward Gallery

As well as this ' Project Morrinho' installation outside the Southbank Centre there are 2 exhibitions on as part of the Festival of Brazil (at the Hayward) until the 5th of September.
  • The New Decor, unites 36 artists from 22 countries. This exhibition features installations and sculptures that use interior design as a starting point. Jin Shi's 1/2 life is hidden at the bottom of stairs and successfully paints a portrait of the life of China's overlooked underclass. Jin Shi has reproduced the cramped living quarters of a migrant worker but made it and the objects in it half sized, causing us as the viewer to look down on it. On the whole this is a diverse exhibition with many messages.
  • The Edges of the World by Ernesto Neto is an experiential exhibition and you are encouraged to touch, feel and daydream as you wander and interact with this installation. As you walk through the labyrynth all your senses are heightened. You can feel the layers of the membrane, you can smell lavender and other herbs that have been infused into the structure and you are free to hear your own thoughts.
Opening words.

Pod structure for learning and interacting.Organic layersThe relaxing lavender infused epidermisDomed pool. The 3 structures are complete when being used.Structures from the outside.
The floor that you sink into.
The floral colours.
Child interacting with the structure and a chamomile smell exudes from the ball.

I walked out of this exhibition thouroughly relaxed and refreshed as If I had been for an hour long massage!

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