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Monday, 19 July 2010

Interior Advisory Project -W.B.

This is an interior advisory project I put together for Wesley Barrell customers. The unique styling, fuses the customers love for Japan, and the classic architectural features in their Victorian flat.

The colour scheme coordinates with the existing original yellow walls. The feature fabric I have chosen, is from Sanderson Vintage Collection Palladio Sunflowers, other fabrics are: Colefax and Fowler, a Parketex chunky weave and an Ian Sanderson check.

I have chosen classic designs for the upholstered sofas: Clanfield 3 seater and Clanfield chair, from Wesley Barrell - I think the flowing curves work very well in the space and are in keeping with the classic large high ceilinged room and the strong marble mantlepeice.

To complete the look:
  • Vintage Japan travel poster reflects the clean but balanced and understated colour palette.
  • Black Glass Pendant Lamp, £70 from Heals.
  • Vase adds a splash of brightness, from Heals £30.
  • Throw is custom made from Ian Sanderson fabric.
  • STELLAR mirror by Jake Phipps takes inspiration from the physical attributes of cut diamonds (POA): This is some info taken directly from his website.

'The mirror’s reflective qualities, whilst crisp and pure at its centre, radiate out with a ring of 750 individually sized
and angled mirrored sections, breaking down the light and the
surrounding environment, delivering it to the eye as one sparkling entity.
This optical dispersion means that as the ambience of the mirror’s
environment changes throughout the day, so too does its colour
and lustre, creating an ever changing focal point to a room.'

I LOVE the idea that an element of this interior is constantly changing and completely effected by the outside environment.

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