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Friday, 9 July 2010

MA: Environmen_TOOL

Above: The Lace shadow - sun bleached into hand dyed calico.

It's 9 months since I fiinished an MA at Chelsea, and I sometimes wonder if I will ever feel closure on my project! My concept 'environmen_TOOL' uses the environment within the design process. Concentrating on a balance of safe chemical dyeing and natural dyeing and harnessing (in a positive way) the unstable light fastness of natural dyes; using the sun to bleach patterns into the fabric.

These are pics of some before and after pics of my woven fabrics....

Above: Pattern inspired by honeycomb structure. Fabric is handwoven and hand dyed, by myself.

Below: Aging Gracefully - After bleaching in the sun for 6 months.

Below: Before: Bee pattern bleaching into one of my handwoven fabrics.

After: (6 months) - the sunbleaching adds to the design

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